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GRE Word of the Day : Slake (V)

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Slake (V)

slake camel

When camel, which is going through desert, finds a lake. What will it do? Just drink the water, which takes its thirst away.

(Courtesy: life.umd.edu)
Slake: to drink so that you no longer feel thirsty; to satisfy your desire.

…hmmmm camel slaking his desire, but you !! ( Courtesy:camelphotos.com )

>> Greedy Shylock is never slaked of with money.
>> Lime may slake spontaneously in moist air.
>> will slake your curiosity
>> slaking his anger.

Syn:quench, satisfy, sate, satiate, assuage, gulp, imbibe, indulge, inhale, irrigate, slosh, swig, swill

Ant: abjure, abnegate, avoid, cease, constrain, curb, decline, deny oneself, do without, eschew, evade, fast, forbear, forgo

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Slake (Antonym)

A) Quench
B) Sane
C) Seamy
D) insatiable
E) nostalgia

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    i am not getting daily WORD OF DAY ..

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    is it a verb or a adjective?

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    Wow! this really helps!!! Amazing website! I will tell all my friends. Keep up the good work.

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