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GRE Word of the Day: Osseous

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PRONUNCIATION: \os·se·ous\

MEANING: adjective: Composed of, containing, or resembling bone.



1707, from M.L. ossous, from L. osseus ”bony,” from os (gen. ossis) “bone


Only for achievers, not for everyone.



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Word of the Day: Melee

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Mnemonic: remember as “MELA” . In general we found large crowd in mela, usually our friends group got jumbled and confused their way around in large crowd.

Melee = Confusion; turmoil; jumble

the rush-hour melee.

broil, clash, disorder, dispute, feud, fracas, fray, rhubarb, ruckus, scuffle, squabble, tumult, uproar, wrangle


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GRE Word of the Day: Sagacious

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GRE Word of the Day




MEANING: adjective: Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment, and farsightedness.





c.1500 (adj.) base  sag- ”to track down, trace, seek”



Achievers never get discouraged in pursuit of your goal, because they realize that at times, it is the last key in the bunch that opens the lock….

GRE Word of the Day: Pogrom (n)

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Pogrom (n)

Programme………………. Pogrom is a program of official mass killing.

progrom gre word

An official prosecution program which usually leads to mass killing of a group of people, usually for racial or religious reasons.

GRE word Progrom
E.g.: State organized pogrom after the Godhera train carnage. A pogrom ordered by Hitler.

slaughter, massacre, butchery, carnage, blood bath, genocide

progrom gre test word

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Word of the Day: Impecunious

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im–> means not
pecun –> penny
So impecunious means no penny or litte money.


  • When I was an impecunious student, I eked out my meager means by offering private tuition in elementary mathematics.
  • I would not rely on any court keeping an successful but impecunious claimant out of its money simply because litigation had begun.

bankrupt, beggared, bereft, busted, deficient, depleted, drained, empty, necessitous, needy, penurious, pinched, strapped, stripped

lucky, rich, secure, wealthy

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