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Waver Meaning : to vacillate irresolutely between choices


Remonstration is a demonstration against a particular decision made by governing body.


Inclined or disposed to love, esp. sexual love.


Usage: A feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry.

Slake (V)

Slake: to drink so that you no longer feel thirsty; to satisfy your desire.


Interesting Word of the Day – Refulgent

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Refulgent (adjective)

Refulgent sounds like detergent which is used to make things shine…so refulgent means glowing or radiant.


MEANING : Shining radiantly; resplendent.

SYNONYMS : shining brightly; radiant; gleaming, luminous

USAGE : George was positively glowing with refulgent energy.


Picture Word of the Day – Cower

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Cower sounds like cover…. You cover yourself when you want to escape from something that you are afraid of.



MEANING : To cringe in fear.

SYNONYMS : shrink, crouch, flinch, cringe, tremble, quail, grovel


  • The hostages cowered in their seats.
  • He was cowering away from the fierce dog.


New Word of the Day – Tawdry

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Tawdry (adjective)

If a towel is cheap and inexpensive, it looks dry  it does not look elegant



1. Gaudy and cheap in nature or appearance.

2. Shameful or indecent

SYNONYMS :  cheap, tacky, flashy, vulgar, plastic, tasteless, naff, gaudy 


  • tawdry jewelry
  • tawdry secrets.




New Word of the Day – Debility

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De-ability….means not physically able


MEANING : The state of being weak or feeble; infirmity.

SYNONYMS : feebleness, weakness, incapacity, frailty, infirmity

USAGE : Anxiety or general debility can play a part in allergies.



New Word of the Day – Preeminent

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Preeminent sounds like Prominent which means important!



MEANING : Superior to or notable above all others; outstanding.


  • Of special importance is our celebration of Christmas – a day that has become preeminent on our yearly calendars.




Interesting Word of the Day – Deride

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If a person is not able to Ride a bicycle, his  friends might make fun of him and laugh at him…



MEANING : To speak of or treat with contemptuous mirth.

SYNONYMS : mock, ridicule, scoff, jeer, taunt, insult, gibe, sneer, chaff, disparage, scorn  


  • This theory is widely derided by conventional scientists.
  •  His remarks were greeted with shouts of derision.
  • The salary they offered me was derisive.
  • derisive laughter.



GRE Word of the Day – Certitude

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Certitude (noun)

When there is certainty or surety in attitude…it is certitude


MEANING : The state of being certain; complete assurance; confidence.

SYNONYMS : confidence, conviction, assurance, sureness, positiveness

USAGE :  I cannot say with any degree of certitude what will happen next.


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